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About Us Page (marketing)
The files in this package allow you to quickly and easily add an About Us page to your site.
$20.00 CAD One Time

Apsona (admin)
Import and update your product and customer data in a few clicks, Add, edit and mass-update any data directly from your browser, Easily export any cross-section of records and fields you choose, Quickly track orders, best customers and top-selling products, Handle customer calls instantly using built-in quick search capabilities
$50.00 CAD One Time

Canadian Taxes (shipping/taxes/zones)
This is the proper way to setup Canadian Taxes. V.1.0
$40.00 CAD One Time

CEON Manual Card (payment/pricing)
This Payment Module allows the shop owner to accept Credit/Debit Card payments for inputting into a Manual/Offline Card Processing System.
$35.00 CAD One Time

CEON URI Mapping SEO (marketing)
Unlike other SEO modules, where the URIs are generated automatically when a customer visits a page, this module allows you to generate the URIs automatically within the admin, or even to enter your own specific URIs for each product/category/EZ-Page/Zen Cart page. *Does NOT include the re-writting of current links (costs addtional)
$50.00 CAD One Time

Column Layout Grid (admin)
Product Listing reworked to show in a grid format (columnar) instead of just rows.
$30.00 CAD One Time

Constant Contact Sidebox (marketing)
This module is a simple way to add a Constant Contact sign up form to your Zen-Cart template and begin building and managing your Email list.
$50.00 CAD One Time

COWOA for V1.3.9 (admin)
This mod lets your customer checkout without having to register an account on your store.
$50.00 CAD One Time

Edit Orders v3 (admin)
An admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order
$25.00 CAD One Time

Editable Sidebox (sideboxes)
The purpose of this sidebox is to allow the easy addition of custom sideboxes that can be edited through the Admin
$20.00 CAD One Time

Encrypted Master Password (admin)
Allows store admin to login to any account with their admin password
$20.00 CAD One Time

How Did You Hear About Us? (marketing)
Used to track where customers found out about your company/website.
$20.00 CAD One Time

Image Handler 3 (admin)
Image Handler 3 at the heart of it's code is really meant to ease the management of product images (particularly the management of additional product images), and to help improve page performance by optimizing the product images.
$35.00 CAD One Time

MailChimp Integration (marketing)
allows your Zen Cart to offer a MailChimp ( newsletter to both customers and non-customers.
$50.00 CAD One Time

MSRP Display (payment/pricing)
This mod will show the MSRP Price (RRP or Retail Price) and the amount and percent savings on each of your items.
$45.00 CAD One Time

Short Description For Categories (marketing)
Adds extra text at the bottom of the category or product listings.
$50.00 CAD One Time

Simple Google Analytics (seo/analytics)
Tracking capability on your site.
E-commerce, Adwords, Dynamic. Also includes setup of new Google Analytics account.
$35.00 CAD One Time

Sitemap XML (seo/analytics)
Auto generates multiple sitemaps for sites. Can be used in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools very easy to add your new zencart sitemaps. Creates index, product and easy page site maps.
$35.00 CAD One Time

Wish Lists (marketing)
This allows registered users to "save" products in personal wishlists, notify others of their wishlists, find other users' wishlist, move products between wishlists.
$25.00 CAD One Time

Zen Lightbox (marketing)
Adds the lightbox function to all your zencart images
$35.00 CAD One Time

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