has just announced their plans to disable connections via SSLv3 as of November 4, 2014

PayPal disabled allowing SSLv3 for a  day or two, but guessing they received too many complaints and enabled it again.  They will be returning to completely disallowing SSLv3 on their production servers but have not yet given a date.  You can read more about that on their site.

If you haven't already ordered the POODLE fix from me or another Zen Cart professional, or installed it yourself, time is running out.

Keep in mind that this affects ALL PAYMENT MODULES and is imperative that you have this fix installed whether you are getting errors now or not.

Eventually you WILL get the error and all your orders will be affected until I can get you on my schedule to install the fix or you install it yourself.

The recent versions of USPS also need to be updated.

Here is a link to my site where you can order if needed.

The price is $75 as there are several files that need to be changed and payment modules reinstalled. If you have more than 1 zencart site that needs to be updated, we will offer a 10% discount on the second fix.

Please note that this is a serious update needed, it can cause problems if you do not have it done or are fixing it yourself.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

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